Sunday, May 15, 2011


Can you imagine a sunflower without the Sun? Can a sunflower ever survive if she never lifts up her face and sees the Sun?
      " Sun, Sun, oh Sun, where are You?
        Oh Sun, who are You?
        Why don't I see You?
        I know You exist but
        Why don't I know You?
        I want to see Your face but
        Which direction should I look? "
Sunflower had a family. She loved her family. She loved her son, especially. Oh, how much her son needed her, as the same way Sunflower needed the Sun: Her son was sick.

For many years, Sunflower took care of her son. She carried him in her arms, she carried him on her back.
As she was walking, she needed the Sun, she needed her Source. She needed to look at the Sun but she didn't know where to look at. Oh, how hard it must be for the Sunflower to stay in the dark without the Sun. How hard it must be to call the Moon as her sun. If you don't know who the Sun is, it is very likely to mix who the Sun is. I sometimes feel the pain in the Sun's heart when His flowers turn their faces to the false suns. 
           " Oh Sun, I know You exist but
             Why don't I know You?
             I want to see Your face but
             Which direction should I look at? "
Many more years passed: Sunflower's son was more sick. When he was getting worse, Sunflower needed the Sun even more.
            " Oh Sun, Sun, where are You?
             Oh Sun, Who are You?
             I need Your light.
             Why don't I see You?"
The Sun knew that Sunflower needed His Light. He knew that Sunflower needed His Truth, His Life and His Resurrection. How couldn't He know? If Sun gives His name to His flowers, can He not know that they need His Light?
             Sunflower was strong.
             She had strong hands.
             She carried her son in her strong hands. Her hands were full. Her hands were always strong, always full. Her hands were heavy.
             She always bent her head down: How could she not?
             She bent her head down while she was carrying her son.
             She bent her head down while she was crying for her son.
             She bent her head down while she was praying for the Light.
             She bent her head down when she was hopeless.
             She bent her head down when she was hopefull.

            " Oh Sun, where are You?
             Lift my face up because I can't.
             I need Your Light,
             I need Your Life,
             I need Your Resurrection."
This prayer is for all sunflowers. All sunflowers need His Light, His Life and His Resurrection.

One day, Sunflower met other sunflowers. These sunflowers were different: There was a Holy Light coming and standing over them. This Holy Light was shining over them, making them bright. This Light gave them Life  and Resurrection. These sunflowers made friends with Sunflower. They were kind friends to her, they were true friends to Sunflower.
             These other sunflowers talked to Sunflower about the True Light, the Only Light!
             Sunflower talked to herself:
            " Oh Sun, is this You?
             Are You the True Light?
             Are You the Way?
             Is this the right direction where I should turn my head to and look up to?"
There wasn't any answer.
Maybe it was because Sunflower already knew the answer.
Days after days, the Sun continued shining over His sunflowers.

One day, the son died: Sunflower's son died.

      The world stopped,
      The noises stopped,
      The wind stopped for Sunflower.
      The only thing that didn't stop was the True Light. The True Light stayed there for Sunflower.

Sunflower knew where to turn her head and look up to.
The Silence, the Darkness will never forget this Conversation between the Sun and Sunflower and their Encounter:
      Sunflower: " My son has died. I am strong. I am in pain. My hands are still strong but they are not full anymore, they are not heavy anymore. They are empty now."
      The Sun: " Give me your empty hands. I will fill your empty hands. Your hands will be full of praises and thanks. Lift up your strong hands to Me. Use your strong hands to praise Me, to worship Me. "
      Sunflower: " I kept bending my head down. I didn't see Your light."
      The Sun: " Don't bend your head down anymore. From now on, bow down only for Me. Lift up your head to see My light, to receive the New Life that only I can give you."
      Sunflower: " I lost my son."
      The Sun: " I know. I lost My Son,too. He died for you. Did you know that? Do you remember My Son?"

Sunflower is a fighter. Is the fight over? The fight is never over but life is short.
Everybody can look at the Sun but only some can see the Sun and receive His Light, His Life and His Resurrection.

Friday, May 6, 2011

For Me

You are chosen,
For me.
You are created,
For me.
You are appointed,
For me.
We are timeless together:
Timeless forever.

All of those days
I have spent without you,
were lost,
they were empty.
One moment with you
Feels like a lifetime,
I can't think of anything else but you.
I have met you.
This is what matters.
You know my name,
You know who I am.
Please accept my heart.

Once you are mine,
You will always be mine.
Yes I am jealous for you!
Where do you think you are going?
Where do you think you are running?
When you thought you decided for me,
You didn't know:
It was my decision.

I broke your heart again,
Tomorrow again.
I broke your heart,
again and again.
Please accept my soul.

I have forgiven you:
Once for all,
All for once.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fresh Flower

                                 Fresh flower, little flower,
                                 Where do you live?
                                 " I live on a dry land,
                                  where people don't know 
                                  about the Living Waters.
                                  I live on a dry land,
                                  leaning on the Living Waters."
                                  Fresh flower, little flower,
                                  Who is Living Waters?
                                  "Living Waters is my Life,
                                  Living Waters is my Source,
                                  Living Waters is my Reason,
                                  of why I am alive,
                                  of how I survive."
                                  Fresh flower, little flower,
                                  what do you do all day,
                                  "I pray everyday,
                                  I ponder everyday,
                                  I give thanks everyday
                                  because the Living Waters
                                  didn't leave my hands."
                                  Fresh flower, little flower,
                                  What will happen tomorrow?
                                  "I live on a dry land,
                                  I promise:
                                  I will stay fresh,
                                  by the Living Waters."

My Home

                  My Home is behind the mountains,
                  great smoky mountains,
                  where the sky is grey and cloudy,
                  where the places I step into are green.
                  My Home is behind the mountains,
                  where I feel protected and loved,
                  where I fit,
                  where I belong to.
                  My Home is behind the mountains,
                  where the rivers run sweet and icy,
                  where my Love is waiting:
                  For me.
                  It is not the mountains,
                  It is not the places,
                  It is not the colors or seasons
                  that makes it Home:
                  but it is my Love, all alone.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Civil War

When outer powers provoke the inner powers in a body, then it is when the Civil War starts. It is sneaky. You need it though for a whole powerful and a whole heartedly body. A Civil War is needed for a longer term run. Dont avoid Civil Wars. Be thankful for them. Know that it is for your change. It is hard but when it is needed, then a change is good.
Let me share with you a recent Civil War that I have personally witnessed:
It was a beautiful rainy grey day...Cloudy...Fresh air. There was smoke on the top of the mountain. The only alive powers had put their Victory Banner on the top of the Great Mountain. As long as the Holy Wind exists, that  Victory Banner will be waving in the air for the body. For your body. For your future.
It hadn't been easy to reach the top of the mountain. The Civil War was severe, long term and it took many lives.
      The Civil War had taken lives everyday before the Victory Day. However it was worthed. No matter what it  had cost, it was worthed.
      I still remember the bad smell of all the dead powers laying down the Great Mountain...It is scary and disgusting to look down and see them all, feel them all. Although they are disgusting when they are dead, they were more disgusting when they used to be alive...
      I still remember the glorious warriors of both sides..Neither of them had fear..They had one goal in common: It was to put the Victory Banner on top of the Great Mountain. I remember the scary clashes of their heavy swords, the scary noise of their galloping horses..The screams of the lovely mercy..The tears of the precious forgiveness. The bitterness, stabbing the sweetness. The Old Nature, roaring at the New Nature. The shame, shading the beauty of true repentance. The rudeness, breaking the sense of fairness. The lack of love, hurting the kindness. The bleeding self esteem, running away from the insulting voice's sword. The selfishness, cursing the self curicification..
     I know I said 'they are the glorious warriors of both sides..' However don't you think in this picture one side looks more powerful and the other side looks just losing ? Power is not what you can see always: Power can be sometimes what you cannot see yet. We see the current situation, the current war, but God sees the end , He knows the end, and The End is good. It is gonna be hard but it is gonna be good.
     God said" The first will be the last."
     It is the sinful powers in a body that looks winning at first, but they will be the last!
     The sinful powers and their servants, no matter how hard they want to be the first, they have to be the last.
     So remembering this, I tried not to be too scared of this picture of the Great Civil War.
     Each person's civil war can take a different period of time. Depending on how much you are renewed by your Commander, how much you are walking close to Him in this civil war, how much you are obeying His Words and Commands determine your steps. 
     I remember the joy of the Victory Day.. The enemy wasn't defeated through violence but through obedience to the Great Glorious Commander and renewing of the mind in the Word.
    I won't forget the moment when His Glorious Warriors reached the peak of the Great Mountain and put the Victory Banner: It said on it: The love of the King of Kings.
    I won't forget the symbol on the banner either: It was: the Cross ...When I looked carefully on the Cross, I saw His Blood and His Tears too.
    A daily life is hard but the Commander is alive.
    The Commander has defeated the enemy side.
    It has been a long time since the rightiousness and justice has been kissing and hugging eachother.
    They celebrate the Victory Day, the Great Victory Mountain, the Commander and His Banner.
    So rejoice! Whenever you smell the stinky dead powers, rejoice in His power. Dont let the stinky smell scare you or discourage you: Remember that they dont have power over you, they are dead in their graves.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The River of Adversity

There was a river of pain,the River of Adversity where the little girl was born.
She was very familiar with this river.
The river had never disappeared away.
This river always existed as long as she remembered it.
The river was scary and strong.
It wasn't like any other rivers, it was the River of Adversity. This word was difficult for the little girl to understand it completely but she knew that something was wrong with it because she felt different whenever she passed near by it or when she wondered around the river.
As she grew older,she was more curious about the river and she even put her feet in it from time to time. First she tried a little bit, not much deep in the river. The bitterness of the water hurt her feet so much. The river wasn't that far away from her home. That's why it was hard for her sometimes to stay away from its bitterness. She knew she needed to be carefull with it because she had heard that there were some other people before who fell in the same river and they never came back.
       As the little girl grew up more and she became a young lady, she came across with this river more often in her life. Actually she was a very blessed girl since she had a special Person in her life who was guiding her from the Very Beginning; even when she didnt know about this Person.
       One day she had to go to another village but it was impossible to cross the way without being get wet by the splashes from the river. Ahh... the splashes burnt her legs and she was crying in pain and she decided to move to another city where there was no River of pain like this! Yes, that would be the solution for her and also for other people maybe? Certainly she would find a place where no River of pain and sorrow was flowing...
       She didnt have any strength anymore to face this River one more day. When she was all ready to leave, she heard the Voice of the Special Person, in her deep being, the Voice was coming from her Heavenly Father...He met her for a short moment at her house gate but it felt like a very long sweet appointment.
        After He was finished with His Words she was convinced to stay..She wasn't going to run away from the River anymore. When the Heavenly Father speaks He speaks firm,convincing and lovely. You know you are safe when He speaks. The girl was happy to know that she was safe and she was going to keep her Father's words even when she would become an old woman. And she did: She did keep those precious Words from the Father, even after many years. It was those words that changed her attitude towards the life with the River of Adversity.
       Her Father had said to her that day... : " My dear Child.. Running away from the Pain is never the solution, it never helps you to overcome it. In every city and village, you will run into the same River. You cannot run away from it but you can face it. My child...overcoming the pain means to continue living in spite of   the pain. Going through pain is not meaningless: Trust me that it is meaningful, trust Me that it is meaningful even when the meaning is hidden in Me. Don't be afraid of such deadly rivers in your life, don't be afraid of tears in your life. You are strong enough in Me if the splash comes onto your feet from that river but your feet won't be affected as long as you walk with Me. I will bless your feet. Pain is a life calling sometimes but your attitude should not be to run away from it but staying with Me during it. Pain is not for your damage but it is for your growth my child. That river will be flowing here and there as long as you live but I will be here as well during your lifetime. Dont forget that it is Me ,your Heavenly Father who is sailing your Boat. 
        His Face was shining on her tears. Young girl said to Him:" I love You and your Word, Father."
        Father said: " Good child, continue loving my Word and loving Him means obeying Him too."
        The girl knew this was real and she wasn't just dreaming.
        He said " Tell other people too if they see you that you are not afraid of the River of Pain. Tell them that it is Me, the Father who is sailing your Boat on the river. You will overcome the river because first I have overcome it for you."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Sealed Garden

There was a person with a precious garden.
He loved His garden and He took good care of her from the Very Beginning.
He had created and prepared His garden so that she would admire Him during her entire life time.
He also sealed His beautiful garden so that nobody harmful would walk in.
He sealed her, so that she would belong to Him forever.
He called her ' My sealed garden'
He took His garden in His hands and looked at her with great compassion. She was His creation, His beloved.
He addressed to her and said:
        " I am who I am. When you feel thirsty, only I am,will water you, if necessary with my tears too.
        My mercy will not abandon you.
        When you have a need, I am, will meet your needs.
        My mercy will not abandon you.
        When you are lonely or scared, I am, will come down and comfort you.
        When I am, wind over you, remember that you belong to Me.
        Look at My face, look at My hands...
        Sing for me " ....
             Then He put His garden back, on the ground.
             She was content and not scared.
             She trusted her Owner's words.
             She trusted Him for her entire life.
    I am His sealed garden
    Sealed to be only His.
    Sealed to be Holy as He is.
    You are His sealed garden too.
    Did you know that?